Trauma Scene and Hoarding Remediation

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Trauma Scene and Hoarding Remediation

Our trained and experienced staff have years of expertise in dealing with these difficult scenarios. We use specialised equipment and sanitising agents that have been tested both in the lab and in the field over many years.

This expertise allows us to decontaminate and restore forensic and hoarding scenes sensitively, efficiently, and thoroughly, thereby minimising stress for our clients. 




A biohazard occurs when human waste and other forms of waste contaminate a surface or environment.

When a crime, death, or hoarding occurs at your property, there will often be biohazards present. Biohazards, which may include human waste, allergens, or other contaminants, may pose a severe threat to human health. This risk means that they should be removed swiftly and thoroughly.
The Jani-King Environmental team are equipped to tackle this task sensitively and efficiently. Our team uses sanitising agents that have been tested both in the lab and in the field over many years– we really are the experts!


Trauma scenes often require the removal and clean-up of blood and other human waste. Attempts to restore these scenes without use of proper equipment and methods may be traumatic, time-consuming, and may expose you to a range of health risks.
Jani-King Environmental uses specialised commercial-grade disinfectant and deodorising products to restore and sanitise trauma scenes. We will effectively remove all contaminants, for your peace of mind. Our skilled teams work with local councils and adhere to Ministry of Health and other legal guidelines.


Cleaning up after a hoarder can be challenging, time-consuming, and may pose a risk to human health. We can help you tackle extreme hoarding situations, including incidences where hoarders have left behind drug paraphernalia, needles, human waste, and more.

The Jani-King Environmental team will ensure that your property is clear of all dangerous biohazards, and restore order to the mess that has taken over. We have the experience to determine what is hoarder waste and what are original property possessions - this will be included in our clean-up plan.
We know that hoarding situations can come with extreme stress. We aim to provide a service that minimizes this stress through sensitivity, efficiency, and a can-do attitude.


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